I cannot fathom the levels in which my mind rattles my thoughts . The oppression of feeling like you will never be enough for anyone . The flaws, the mindset , the fucked up childhood and all else that is fucked up……….Knowing you’re fucked up , who could ever love someone so fucked up as you. The urge to attempt to be the best and not let the negative thoughts consume you as well as you’re future with your mind focused on one thing and it is making it , not for you but for your fucked up past that seems to keep these thoughts running through your head …. Not wanting love from another person, in thought that you may need them more than they need you and it’s not fair…. It’s not fair to put this baggage of fucked up memories that reformed you on to them , there is no cure. Why you? Why were you dealt the shitty hand , constantly running through your mind…. Coming to the realization the only solution is stay off your ass, persevere until you have made it to the top, until you are swarming in success…. Just wait princess , you’re time will come. Your prince will come, your rubies and diamonds will be handed to you , just give it time …. So trying to convince yourself this May be true,




On that day humanity recieved a grim reminder

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Ive never been enough….